XDVR is your digital video recorder and playback system for your linux operating system.  This project was developed for a senior Computer Engineering design class consisting of two developers: Armond Honore and Michael Speth.  We chose to use Java as the primary programming language because of its fast development time and cross-platform compatibility.  We used C for only the very basic hardware communication with the video capture card.  Our primary platform for this system is Linux; however, it should take minimal programming effort to port the C portion to other OS's such as Windows or Sun.  

The features of our system includes video playback (mpeg, avi, raw, ect), drag seeking, 30 second forward and backward seek, cable and composite support, NTSC, PAL, different country cable frequencies (such as Japan, Australia, USA, ect), channel favorites, automatic tv show recording, e-mail notification of recorded show, and more.  

Below are screen shots of the XDVR system.

The Startup Screen

Most of the Features at a glance

Some Shows Recorded

The TV Show Record Scheduler

Downloads Page
Download the source and build of XDVR
The Programming Language that made this possible - also you will need to download the jre or sdk to run this program
Clemson University
The University that we attended and earned our B.S. in Computer Engineering

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